Aloha and welcome to my site.

I’ve created this site to share with the world these amazing sports! Kiteboarding & Paragliding!

Paragliding lessons & tandem flights contact Dexter with Proflyght (808)874-5433 and request me:) as your instructor! – promo code = franco

Kiteboarding lessons - beginners, intermediate and advanced candidates contact Jen (808)873-0015  KSM – Kiteboarding School of Maui and request me:) as your Instructor! Or call me at (808)357-4976

Have fun surfing through my site. Let me know how I can help you achieve your  goals and dreams in this two amazing sports !

Leave a comment or ask a question below. Aloha!

Kite Surf Hookipa from Paul Franco on Vimeo.


29 Responses to Aloha

  1. Marco Fábio de Camargo Franco says:

    Great ! Grande ! Fantástico ! Show de Bola !!!

  2. Lúcia says:

    Amei o site!!!! Como a vida pode ser boa… bj

  3. aninha says:

    Congrats, nice takes and super song…what a thrill…love ya!

  4. Marcus Franco says:

    Gostei muito do video Paul… e o site tá ótimo!

  5. estrela lopes says:

    Olá Paul,fiquei encantada com o vídeo e com a música.
    Viajei no tempo lembrando de vc menino e de como eu e o Carlaõ te curtimos, bons tempos…


  6. Trevor Born says:

    Hey Paul,

    Paul Franco is a top notch instructor with unparalleled passion for the sport of kitesurfing. He understands the need for graduated instruction and development of skills and safety. This is a rare art in a sport that is complicated yet so incredibly fun and addictive. I have had instruction all over the world and Paul is the most competent and fun teacher i have met!

    Trevor Born

  7. Dr. Phil Montgomery says:

    Paul is the real deal. By this I mean it is not often you get more than what you paid for and something greater than you could possibly imagine. If you want to learn to kite surf and you want to do it in the mecca of Maui it does not get any better than this.

  8. adam koch photography says:

    PAUl, I have had more fun with you in the last decade then my entire life combined… we have been lost in the woods on Haleakala with nothing but one red bull and our whits to get us back home… ridden way too large of waves… crossed the reef at lanes way too many times and even flown paragliders barefoot. Driven from the southern tip of France to Austria none stop from one competition to the next… The best part is we have just begun. I have learned so much from having a close friend like you to travel the globe. I truly would not be the person I am today without all of those life changing experiences. So the only question is… what’s next brotha?

  9. Paul is the only guy I’d want as my teammate on Hawaiian island kiteboarding channel crossings. Not only is he a knowledgeable instructor and rider, but he is a great friend who won’t let me down! Paul is good at planning and executing the “flight plan” while remaining flexible to changing conditions.

  10. Mark Sethi says:

    How do you even try and describe an amazing spirit like Paul? One word…EXTRORDINARY!! Paul has touched my life in a way that no other ever has. I spent a month with him in Maui last August learning to kiteboard. The catch is that 12 months earlier I lost my left leg above the knee in an accident. I never thought I would do anything close to what I accomplished with Paul! He not only took me on as a student, but as a friend. His method of teaching was so precise and adaptive, from basic kite control and body dragging, to modification of equipment and adjustment of prosthetic components…He has it all!! After nine days in the water with him, I was up and carving on the beautiful blue water…WHAT A FEELING! I can honestly say that with a little bit of motivation and a soul like Paul guiding you, the sky is the limit…I’m proof! Thank you soooo very much for touching my life, I wouldn’t be where I am without you brotha…
    Aloha -Mark Sethi

  11. Arben Kryeziu says:

    I tried many other instructors prior to Paul, all of them had the common found “let me just catch your kite” attitude. Paul was the only one that not only watched me every second of the session, but gave me constructive feedback that led me to become a confident kiteboarder/surfer. In the beginning he taught me how to upwind body-drag, a skill that helped me to regain my board in matter of seconds to this day. I feel blessed to know him and to be able to call him a friend, he is a true “Apeman Productions” Original! – or in more simple words, AUTHENTIC!

  12. Jerry says:

    Dear Paul,

    Love the new look! Stoked to see you out and shredding yesterday – hope to see you in the water again soon!



  13. Jim Bones says:

    Paul Franco is THE MAN! If you want a loved one to learn kiteboarding. I recommend introducing them to Paul. Paul is the TOP instructor on Maui (All other instructors must pass his week long course before they are allowed to teach on Maui). His outstanding people skills and years of instructing have allowed him to bring people into the sport very quickly with safety and fun as the main goals. GO WITH PAUL OR DONT GO AT ALL!

    Jim Bones Naish team rider.

  14. tatiana says:

    Paul is the best kitesurfing instructor on Maui. Highly recommended.

  15. Grande Paulone my older brother, uncle, long time friend i like your new site buddy very nice very nice:)haha can’t wait to catch up with you soon go for a bird eyes view of haleakala then go for a kite session in some boms at lanes;)
    talk soon looking forward ceeeheee

  16. Jason Lewis says:

    If I were in a fight for my life, Paul is a man I would want by my side. For those of you who regularly do extreme sports, I’m sure you’ve been there. I met Paul kiting and have done some of my greatest adventures as a result of him. When it comes to getting out in it, I have learned to trust in Paul. Beyond being one of the most competent, informed athletes I know, he has a unique talent so rare to a true teacher. He is capable of structuring knowledge and delivering it in a fashion that is more concerned with a person’s ability to receive than his need to tell you how something is done. Paul is a hell of a good soul and I am proud and blessed to call him friend.

  17. Jason Lewis says:

    Oh and… Hi Paul! See you over there for some ripper’s next week! Well done on the site!!!

  18. Lauren McCollum says:

    Paul….How can I put into words how much you’ve changed/enhanced my life? Initially, by being the finest instructor of the most amazing sport on the planet, kiting…(and I promise I’ll ride the big(ger) waves with you this season!). But, more importantly you’ve become a close friend and a member of our family…You know, you’re stuck with us forever now…Let’s see the world together!!
    All my love…..Lauren

  19. Andre Nice says:

    Parabens Paul !

    Ta fantastico, muito profissional !

    Continue assim !

    Um Abracao,


  20. Pedro Lima says:

    Aloha, porra! Nenhum dos gringos vai entender mesmo…
    Grande abraço Paulinho! O site da da hora!Eu curto os videos.

  21. pil Marques says:

    Bem legal Paul, parabéns!!!

  22. Raquel Lima says:

    So lucky to have you as my brother!:)
    Thanks to you and all your help I am here in Maui living the dream.
    You make me want to be a better person in every aspect of life.
    Awesome video btw and lets hang soon, play some musica, ride some waves…

  23. ...... says:

    k so one of my dads friends from work sold him a kiteboarding bar with ur name on it, short bar blue name, said he bought it in hawaii from someone on a beach, then just as i got into kitesurfing i was using the bar for learning nd stuff and we lost it, lol then i decided to look up ur name on the internet to see if u were like some random person and here i have come lol, and i live in eastern canada

  24. Meli King says:

    Aloha Paul,
    I just came across your card you gave me & decided I should check out your site…. WOW! I had no idea you’re so amazing!!
    If I decide to go jump off Haleakala one day, you’re the one I’m going to do it with!

    P.S. If you’re unsure who this is.. Here’s a hint:
    11/9/11….. Really Paul, Really? HAHA!! :-D


  25. Kelsey says:

    Aloha Paul! You gave me wings the last week of January 2012!!! Thanks for the glide! You took some pics from way up high… if you still have them I’d love to see them! Kind regards – Kelsey (“little” blonde girl!) THANKS!

  26. Charlie says:

    Aloha, Paul! Last month you took my now 84 year-old buddy, Bill, for a paraglide which he’ll never forget (neither will I – I went with Dexter). For someone who the last few years on our yearly trip to Hawai’i said “No way!” when I asked if he’d like to give it a try, you sure made my surprise birthday gift to him memorable. After watching the video on your web site, maybe next year you can teach him to kiteboard? What do you think? ;-)Mahalo!!

    Charlie (and Bill) from New Jersey

  27. John Hausman says:

    Im going to Maui end of June for 13 days, would be cool to learn wake kite and paragliding. staying in wailea.

  28. steven martin says:

    I was fortunate enough to get a lesson with Paul yesterday. Amazing… Simply Amazing… He is the real deal.

  29. Mandi says:

    Paragliding was amazing! A great adventure for any vacation

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